Arkansas football: Analyzing the Razorbacks’ Disappointing Season Finale


The 2023 Arkansas football season concluded with a disheartening 48-13 loss to No. 9 Missouri, leaving fans and critics alike questioning the team’s performance. In this analysis, we delve into the key aspects that contributed to the Razorbacks’ struggles, shedding light on the challenges they faced on the field.

A Season of Struggles

The Razorbacks, finishing with a 4-8 record and a mere 1-7 in the SEC, endured a season filled with disappointments. The final game, played at Donald W. Reynolds Razorbacks Stadium, highlighted the vast difference between Arkansas and a formidable Missouri team led by coach Eliah Drinkwitz.

Offense in Disarray

Quarterback Woes

The Razorbacks faced offensive challenges, with starting quarterback KJ Jefferson succumbing to an injury early in the first quarter. Backup Jacolby Criswell stepped in but failed to ignite a spark. Missouri’s relentless pressure resulted in four sacks, six fumbles, and a paltry 234 total yards for Arkansas. The dire offensive situation demands substantial changes in the upcoming offseason.

Defensive Struggles

Inability to Halt Missouri’s Offensive Prowess

Arkansas struggled to contain Missouri’s running back, Cody Schrader, who amassed 217 yards, exposing vulnerabilities in the Razorbacks’ defense. A breakdown in the second half mirrored the defensive woes of the 2022 season, with 149 points conceded in the final four games.

Frustration in the Stands

Dwindling Fan Confidence

The disparity in home SEC games’ scores, with Arkansas being outscored 103-27, has eroded fan confidence. The exodus of supporters in the second half of the season finale underscores the disillusionment among the fan base. While Coach Sam Pittman retains trust from the athletic director, winning back the fans’ confidence requires significant offseason changes.

Redefining Rivalry: Battle Line Rivalry Intensifies

On-Field Turmoil

The game witnessed a turning point in the Battle Line Rivalry as a heated altercation erupted, leading to ejections of three players, including key Arkansas contributors. The intensity on the field signaled a new chapter in this regional matchup, urging Razorbacks’ fans to recognize the validity of the rivalry.


In retrospect, the Arkansas football season finale against Missouri unveiled profound challenges on both offensive and defensive fronts. The disappointing performance calls for a strategic offseason plan, emphasizing significant changes to rejuvenate the team. As the Battle Line Rivalry takes on new life, the Razorbacks face a crucial period of reflection and redefinition to reclaim their standing in the SEC.


Q1: What were the key factors contributing to Arkansas’ disappointing season?

A1: Several factors, including offensive struggles, defensive vulnerabilities, and a notable lack of fan support, contributed to Arkansas’ disappointing 2023 season.

Q2: Will the quarterback situation improve in the next season?

A2: The quarterback situation remains uncertain, emphasizing the need for strategic decisions in the upcoming offseason to address offensive challenges.

Q3: How can Arkansas regain fan confidence?

A3: Arkansas can regain fan confidence by implementing substantial changes in both coaching strategies and player performance during the offseason.

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